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New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 38, 2009

Contents: Vol 38, No 3, 2009

Ethics and Psychology: The Meritocracy Thesis – James R Flynn
Mapping Occupations into Vocational Interests: Two Case Studies – David Bimler, Peter Batra & John Kirkland
Let’s Talk about Sexuality and Relationships – Laura Buckley, Robyn Salisbury, Joanne Taylor & Shane Harvey
Cognitive Hardiness in the New Zealand Military – Michael C. Carston & Dianne Gardner
Predictors of Future Anxiety about Male Pattern Baldness in New Zealand Males – Katy Luxon, Richard Fletcher & Heidi Leeson

Contents: Vol 38, No 2, 2009

Justice as a Basic Human Need – A.J.W Taylor
Predicting Employees’ Retirement Intentions in New Zealand: The Contribution of Personal, Job-Related and Non-Work Factors– Sarah Naudé, Michael P. O’Driscoll & Thomas J. Kalliath
The Relationships between Student Debt and Motivation, Happiness and Academic Achievement – Judy Zhang & Simon Kemp
A Qualitative Investigation of the Clinician Experience of Working with Borderline Personality Disorder – Amanda J. Commons Treloar
Book Review
Need or Desire? A review of Justice as a Basic Human Need – Ian M. Evans & Tomoko Yamaguchi

Contents: Vol 38, No 1, 2009
Psychology in Primary Health Care: Theory, Practice and Innovation – Introduction to the Special Issue – John M. Fitzgerald & Ian M. Evans
More than Brief Relief: The Rural Canterbury PHO Brief Intervention Coordination (BIC) Service – Paul Wynands & Libby Gawith
The Evaluation of a Brief Mental Health Therapy Initiative in Primary Care: Is There a Role for Psychologists? – John Fitzgerald, Karma Galyer & Juanita Ryan
Brief Psychological Therapy in Primary Care: The Psychologist’s Challenge – Rosemary Lyons & Pam Low
Perinatal Mental Health Care in New Zealand: The Promise of Beginnings – Carol Cornsweet Barber
Providing Clinical Health Psychology Services in a Primary Health World – Kirsty Ross, Sarah Malthus, Maria Berrett & Shane Harvey
Child and Adolescent Obesity: Assessment, Management and Treatment by Practitioners in the Waikato – Joanna M. McClintock & Barbara Hedge

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 37, 2008

Contents: Volume 37, No.3, November 2008

The Hunter Address Papers
Editorial – Nik Kazantzis
Steering by Matariki and the Southern Cross: Plotting Clinical Psychology’s Course in New Zealand – Ian M. Evans
Journeying under Matariki and the Southern Cross: What are our Guiding Stars? A Comment and Reflection on Evans – Neville M. Blampied
Propelling the Waka: Comments on Ian Evans “Steering by Matariki and the Southern Cross: Plotting Clinical Psychology’s Course in New Zealand” – Robert G. Knight
An Indigenous Reality Check: “Steering by Matariki and the Southern Cross: Plotting Clinical Psychology’s Course in New Zealand” – Catherine Love
Other Papers
Attitudinal Differences towards Mental Health Services between Younger and Older New Zealand Adults – Shelley A. James
Collaborative Prescribing Rights for Psychologists: the New Zealand Perspective – John Fitzgerald & Karma Gayler
Accuracy of the National Adult Reading Test and Spot the Word Estimates of Premorbid Intelligence in a Non-Clinical New Zealand Sample – Suzanne Barker-Collo, Hamish Bartle, Annabel Clarke, Annik van Toledo, Helen Vykopal & Amanda Willets
Book reviews
Restorative Justice Practices in New Zealand: Towards a Restorative Society – Tony Ward
Out in Psychology: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Perspectives  – Hilary Lapsley

Contents: Volume 37. No.2, July 2008
Factor Structure and Response Bias of the Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory-Revised (OCI-R) in a Female Undergraduate Sample from New Zealand – Marion E. Roberts & Marc S. Wilson
Training Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioners in New Zealand: From University to Clinical Practice – Sarah J. Kennedy-Merrick, Beverly A. Haarhoff, Lynley M. Stenhouse, Paul L. Merrick & Nikolaos Kazantzis
Te Ara Hohou Rongo (The Path to Peace): Māori Conceptualisations of Inter-group Forgiveness – Arama Rata, James H. Liu & Katja Hanke
Wanna Drive? Driving Anxiety and Fear in a New Zealand Community Sample – Joanne Taylor & Dianne Paki
Who Are ‘We’? Implicit Associations Between Ethnic and National Symbols for Māori and Pakeha in New Zealand – Chris Sibley, James Liu & Sammyh Khan
Psychologists in Physical Health Services in New Zealand – Malcolm W. Stewart
Book Review
What is Intelligence? –  Michael Corballis

Contents: Volume 37. No. 1, March 2008
Normative Data for Persons Over 65 on the Penn State Worry Questionnaire – Robert G. Knight, Jennifer McMahon, C. Murray Skeaff & Timothy J. Green
Assessing Emotional and Behavioural Problems in Children: Factors Associated with Multiple Informant Consistency In New Zealand – Heather Clay, Lois J. Surgenor & Christopher M. Frampton
Gambling Behaviour and Motivation in an Urban Sample of Older Adult Gamblers – David Clarke & Joanne Clarkson
The Relationship Between Driving Anxiety and Driving Skill: A Review of Human Factors and Anxiety-Performance Theories to Clarify Future Research Needs – Joanne Taylor, Frank Deane & John Podd
“I didn’t Just Cross a Line I Tripped Over an Edge”. Experiences of Serious Adverse Effects with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Use – Rachel Liebert & Nicola Gavey
Interactions Between Substance Use and Sexual Behaviours for Women Receiving Alcohol and Other Drug Services – Niki Kiepek

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 36, 2007

Contents: Volume 36, No. 3, November 2007

Meihana Model: A Clinical Assessment Framework – S. Pitama, P. Robertson, F. Cram, M. Gillies, T. Huria, W. Dallas-Katoa
Psychological Intervention in Major Emergencies: An Asia-Pacific Perspective – T. Williams, S. Carr & N. Blampied
Evaluation of a New Zealand Early Intervention Service for Psychosis – M. Theuma, J. Read, A. Moskowitz & A. Stewart
Working Memory Load and the Stroop Interference Effect – Q. Gao, Z. Chen & P. Russell
Genetic Attribution for Schizophrenia, Depression, and Skin Cancer: Impact on Social Distance – M. Breheny
Managing Identity: Adolescent Fathers Talk About the Transition to Parenthood – K. Frewin, K. Tuffin & G. Rouch

Contents: Volume 36, No. 2, July 2007
Understanding Positive Subjectivities Made Possible Online for Disabled People – Natilene I. Bowker & Keith Tuffin
Political Attitudes and the Ideology of Equality: Differentiating Support for Liberal and Conservative Political Parties in New Zealand – Chris G. Sibley & Marc S. Wilson
Psychological Distress, Causal Attributions, and Coping – Jay A. Mclean, Kenneth T. Strongman, Tia N, Neha
Self versus Assessor Ratings and their Classification in Assessment Centres: Profiling the Self-Rater – Duncan J.R. Jackson, Jennifer A. Stillman, Sarah Burke & Paul Englert
Biculturalism in Employee Selection or ‘Who Should Get the Job’? Perceptions of Māori and Pakeha Job Applicants in a NZ European Student Sample – Bryony Jackson & Ronald Fischer
Book Reviews
Just Sex? The Cultural Scaffolding of Rape – Nicola Gavey
New Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations – Tracey McIntosh & Teresia Teaiwa
Challenged by Childhood: Healing the Hidden Hurts of a Difficult Childhood – Kay Douglas

Contents: Volume 36, No.1, March 2007

Factors Afflecting Employee Use of Work-Life Balance Initiative – Jennifer Smith, Dianne Gardner
Attributions and Stereotype Moderation – Lucy Johnston, Lynden Myles
The Influence of an Equity Statement on Perceiver’s Implicit and Explicit Associations between Males and Science – Sanna Malinen, Lucy Johnston
Differentiating the Motivations and Justifications Underlying Individual Differences in Pakeha Opposition to Bicultural Policy: Replication and extension of a predictive model – Chris G. Sibley, Marc S. Wilson, Andrew Robertson
Does Social Group Status Influence Social Distance in Relation to Depression? – Dannette Marie, Brad Miles
Display of Empathy and Perception of Out-Group Members – Yanelia Yabar, Ursula Hess
Applicability of Retention Theory in the New Zealand Military – John Capon, Oleksandr S. Chernyshenko, Stephen Stark
Book Review
Catching the Knowledge Wave? The knowledge society and the future of education (Jane Gilbert) – Roger Openshaw

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 35, 2006

Contents: Volume 35, No.3, November 2006

Theory, Research, and Practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Introduction to the Special Feature – Nikolaos Kazantzis
The Contemporary Appeal of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Paul L Merrick, Frank M Dattilio
The Effectiveness of Homework Tasks in an Irritable Bowel Syndrome Self-Management Programme – Laura Bogalo, Rona Moss-Morris
The Importance of Identifying and Understanding Therapist Schema in Cognitive Therapy Training and Supervision – Beverly A. Haarhoff
Traum-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Abused Children with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Pilot Study – Jacqueline S. Feather, Kevin R. Ronan
Alcohol Dependence and Psychological Sense of Control: Refining the Links – Lois J. Surgenor, Stephen M. Hudson, Simon Adamson, Paul Robertson
Cultural Considerations in using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Chinese People: A Case Study of an Elderly Chinese Woman with Generalised Anxiety Disorder – Mei Wah Williams, Koong Hean Foo, Beverly Haarhoff
Book Review
U-Turn: Putting You Back Into Your Relationship (John M. Aiken)– Aaron Jarden

Contents: Volume 35, No.2, July 2006

Loneliness in the Workplace: Construct Definition and Scale Development – Sarah L. Wright, Christopher D.B. Burt, Kenneth T. Strongman
Conflict and Facilitation between Work and Family: Realizing the Outcomes for Organizations – Kelly Balmforth, Dianne Gardner
Religion, Spirituality and Associations with Problem Gambling – David Clarke, Samson Tse, Max Abbott, Sonia Townshend, Pefi Kingi, Wiremu Manaia
Gender, Age, Ethic and Occupational Associations with Pathological Gambling in a New Zealand Urban Sample – David Clarke, Max Abbott, Samson Tse, Sonia Townshend, Pefi Kingi, Wiremu Manaia
Positive and Negative Affective Outcomes of Occupational Stress – Jennifer McGowan, Dianne Gardner, Richard Fletcher
Testing a ‘Trilemma’ Instrument for Vocational-interest Assessment – David Bimler, John Kirkland
Book Reviews
Research Companion to Organisational Health Psychology (Antoniou, A.G. & Cooper,C.L.) – Carina Chan and Glynn Owens
Using Homework Assignments in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Kazantzis, Nikolaos, Dean, Frank P., Ronan, KevinR.) –  Sue Cowie

Contents: Volume 35, No.1, March 2006
Toward a Social Representations Theory of Attitude Change: The Effect of Message Framing on General and Specific Attitudes toward Equality and Entitlement – Chris G. Sibley, James H. Liu, Steve Kirkwood
Reducing Stereotype-based Judgments: The Impact of Habitual Stereotype Use – Lucy Johnston
Health and Safety Problems as Perceived by Female Caregivers of Persons with Intellectual Disabilites: Finding a Diversity of Interventions – Edith Horvath-Hallett, Bernard Guerin
News Coverage of Sexual Offending in New Zealand, 2003 – Jo Thakker, Russil Durrant
A Personality-based Typology of Adolescent Sexual Offenders using the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory – Paul Oxnam, James Vess
Disordered Eating and Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in a Sub-clinical Student Population – Marion E. Roberts
Book Review
Understanding Critical Social Psychology (Keith Tuffin) – Ann Weatherall

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 34, 2005

Contents: Volume 34, No.3, November 2005

An Empirical Investigation of Discrimination Against Overweight Female Job Applicants in New Zealand – Vanessa J. Ding, Jennifer A. Stillman
Quitting a Workplace that Discourages Achievement Motivation: Do Individual Differences Matter? – Anne C. Rundle-Gardiner, Stuart C. Carr
Perceived Control over Physical Ageing: An Exploratory New Zealand Survey – Helen Pennington, Marie Saywell, Christine Stephens
Suicide Behaviour in a Clinical Sample of Children and Adolescents in New Zealand – Sarah Fortune, Fred Seymour, Ian Lambie
Pakeha Attitudes Toward the Symbolic and Resource-specific Aspects of Bicultural Policy in New Zealand: The legitimising role of collective guilt for historical injustices – Chris G. Sibley, Andrew Robertson, Steve Kirkwood
The Relationship between Organisational Climate, Occupational Type and Workaholism – Anna Johnstone, Lucy Johnston
Media Consumption, Body Image and Thin Ideals in New Zealand Men and Women – Evonne Miller, Jamin Halberstadt
Book Reviews
Biting the Hand that Starves You: Inspiring resistance to anorexia/bulimia (R. Maisel, D.Epston, A.Borden) – Colleen Barrett
Models of Madness: Psychological, social and biological approaches to schizophrenia (J. Read, L. Mosher, R. Bentall) – Kevin R. Ronan

Contents: Volume 34, No.2, July 2005

What Does it Mean to be a Culturally Competent I/O Psychologist in New Zealand? – Jane Bryson, Carla Hosken
The Suitability of Goldberg’s Big Five IPIP Personality Markers in New Zealand: A Dimensionality, Bias, and Criterion Validity Evaluation – Nigel Guenole, Oleksandr S. Chernyshenko
Immigrant Job Hunting, Labour Market Experiences, and Feelings about Occupational Satisfaction in New Zealand: An Exploratory Study – Karen A. Mace, Stephen Atkins, Richard Fletcher, Stuart C. Carr
Exploring the Dynamics of New Zealand’s Talent Flow – Duncan J.R. Jackson, Stuart C. Carr, Margot Edwards, Kaye Thorn, Nicola Allfree, Jill Hooks, Kerr Inkson
Confounded by Competencies? An Evaluation of the Evolution and Use of Competency Models – Leanne H. Markus, Helena D. Cooper-Thomas, Keith N. Allpress
A Comparative Investigation of the Predictors of Work-related Psychological Well-being within Police, Fire and Ambulance Workers – Paula Brough
Book Review
Management of dead bodies in disaster situations (Washington DC: Pan American Health Organisaton and World Health Organisation)– A.J.W. Taylor

Contents: Volume 34, No.1, March 2005

Descriptions of Depression among a Sample of Maori Smokers – Marewa Glover
Analysing Smoking using Te Whare Tapa Wha – Marewa Glover
Frequency of Traumatic Events, Physical and Psychological Health among Maori – Paul Hirini, Ross Flett, Nigel Long, Michelle Millar
Stages of Change for Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Dietary Fat Modification in Maori Women: Some relationship with body attitudes and eating behaviours – Natasha Tassell, Ross Flett
Developing Services in Te Rohe o Ngai Tahu for Maori with Gambling Related Problems – Paul Robertson, Suzanne Pitama, Terry Huriwai, Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll, Tracy Haitana, Jillian Larsen, Sam Uta’i
Psychometrics: An Ancient Construct for Maori – Stephanie Palmer
Influential Factors Moderating Academic Enjoyment/Motivation and Psychological Well-being for Maori University Students at Massey University – Jhanitra R. Gavala, Ross Flett
Taha Maori and Aotearoa/New Zealand Clinical Psychology: Developments at the University of Canterbury – Philip Skogstad, Inez Skogstad, Eileen Britt

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 33, 2004

Contents: Volume 33, No.3, November 2004
Informal Relationships in the Workplace: Associations with Job Satisfaction, Organisational Commitment and Turnover Intentions – Rachel Morrison
New Zealand Athletes’ AttitudesTowards Seeking Sport Psychology Consultation – Alisa G. Anderson, Ken P. Hodge, David Lavallee, Scott B. Martin
Sexual Abuse Inquiry and Response: A New Zealand Training Programme – Mary-Rose Cavanagh, John Read, Brendan New
Stressor Frequency and Perceived Intensity as Predictors of Internalising Symptoms: Gender and Age Differences in Adolescence – Paul E. Jose, Verity Ratcliffe
Values and Political Ideology: Rokeach’s Two-Value Model in a Proportional Representation Environment – Marc Stewart Wilson
Some Normative and Psychometric Data for the Geriatric Depression Scale and the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire from a Sample of Healthy Older Persons – Robert G. Knight, Jennifer McMahon, Timothy J. Green, Murray Skeaff

Contents: Volume 33, No.2, July 2004
Development and Standardisation of the Computerised Finger Tapping Test: Comparison with other finger tapping instruments – Muriel K. Christianson, Janet M. Leathem
Homai te Waiora ki Ahau: A tool for the measurement of wellbeing among Maori – the evidence of construct validity – Stephanie Palmer
Somali Conceptions and Expectations Concerning Mental Health: Some guidelines for mental health professionals – Bernard Guerin, Pauline Guerin, Roda Omar Diiriye, Susan Yates
The Self-Rated Health of Women in Midlife: A cross-sectional and longitudinal study of a New Zealand sample – Susan Keller-Olaman, Sheila Williams, Robert Knight, Rob McGee
Regression Equations for Predicting Premorbid Performance on Executive Test Measures by Persons with Traumatic Brain Injuries – Mairead A. Harnett, Hamish P.D.Godfrey, Robert G. Knight
Attitudes towards biculturalism in New Zealand: Social dominance and Pakeha attitudes towards the general principles and resource-specific aspects of bicultural policy – Chris G.Sibley, James H. Liu
Analysing a Silent Discourse: Sovereignty and tino rangatiratanga in Aotearoa – Keith Tuffin, Angelique Praat, Karen Frewin

Contents: Volume 33, No.1, March 2004

A Confirmation of the Eight Factor Structure of the Eating Disorder Inventory in a Non-clinical Sample, with New Zealand Norms – Lynley Wicks, Richard J. Siegert, Frank H. Walkey
Predicting Police Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions: The role of social support and police organisational variables – Paula Brough, Rachel Frame
Impact of Cadaver Dissection on Medical Students – Dene Hancock, Maynard Williams, Antony Taylor, Brenda Dawson
Setting Impossible Standards: The model of ethical decision-making assocated with the New Zealand Psychologists’ Code of Ethics – Tim Williams
Work-Family Conflict and Turnover Intention: Exploring the moderation effects of perceived work-family support – Jarrod M. Haar
Book Review
Beyond chicks, birds, and the generic male (A. Weatherall)– Virginia Braun

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 32, 2003

Contents: Volume 32, No.2, December 2003
Criminal Justice Psychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand – Devon L.L. Polaschek
The Abstinence Violation Effect: Investigating Lapse and Relapse Phenomena using the Relapse Prevention Model with Domestically Violent Men – Lucy L. King, Devon L.L. Polaschek
Quality Parameters of Supervision in a Correctional Context – Joan Norrie, Erin Eggleston, Martin Ringer
Just How Effective is Correctional Treatment at Reducing Re-Offending? – Brenda Anstiss
Stopping Violent Offending in New Zealand: Is Treatment an Option? – Steve Barry
Sorting Women’s Risk: New Zealand Women Prisoners’ Misconducts and Internal Security Risk – Rachael M. Collie & Devon L.L. Polaschek
The Spread of Antarctic and South Pacific Research Behind the 2002 Hunter Award – A.J.W. (Tony) Taylor
Commentaries on A.J.W. Taylor’s 2002 Hunter Award Paper – Ian Evans, Douglas Paton

Contents: Volume 32, No.1, June 2003

Who Gets Voice? (Re)presentation of Bicultural Relations in New Zealand Print Media – Kelly Barclay, James H. Liu
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Everyday Memory in Mid-aged New Zealand Women – Christine Stephens, Yolande M. Hamilton, Nancy A. Pachana
Indirect Effects of Lowering the Drinking Age of New Zealand Students’ Alcohol-related Behaviours and Attitudes – Kylie Brownfield, Kumari Fernando, Jamin Halberstadt
Standardisation of the Rey Complex Figure Test in New Zealand Children and Adolescents – Kris Fernando, Linda Chard, Michael Butcher, Christeen McKay
Gambling and the Trait of Addiction in a Sample of New Zealand University Students – Dave Clarke
Ethnic Group Differences in Cognitive Ability Test Scores within a New Zealand Applicant Sample – Nigel Guenole, Paul Englert, Paul J. Taylor
Book Reviews
Understanding Prejudice, Racism and Social Conflict (M. Augoustinos & K. Reynolds, Editors) – Stephen G. Atkins
Public Goods and Private Wants: A Psychological Approach to Government Spending (Simon Kemp) – Paul Brown

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 31, 2002

Contents: Volume 31, No.2, December 2002

Antisocial Behaviours in New Zealand Youth: Prevalence, Interventions and Promising New Directions – Nicola M. Curtis, Naamith Heiblum, Michael Reid, Justine Harris
Relationship Between Reward-Dominant Response Style and Ratings of Boys’ Conduct Problems – Nick J. Wilson, Ian M. Evans
Working with Children with Complex Presentations: A New Zealand Approach – Sarah J. Calvert, Sue Lightfoot
Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire: Firesetting Behaviour in Children and Adolescents – Ian Lambie, Shane McCardle, Ray Coleman
Abuse in Dating Relationships: Young People’s Accounts of Disclosure, Non-Disclosure, Help-seeking and Prevention Education – Sue Jackson
Cognitive Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: An Integrative Approach to the Conceptualization of Borderline Personality Disorder – Lynley Stenhouse, Kirsten van Kessel
The Impact of Brief Planned Admissions on Inpatient Mental Health Unit Utilisation for People with a Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder – Kirsten van Kessel, Ian Lambie, Malcolm W. Stewart
Asking about Abuse during Mental Health Assessments: Clients’ Views and Experiences – Jan Lothian, John Read
Coping with Catastrophe: Organising Psychological First-Aiders – A.J.W. Taylor
Bicultural Partnerships in Clinical Training and Practice in Aotearoa/New Zealand – Averil M.L. Herbert

Contents: Volume 31, No.1, June 2002

Cognitive Appraisal, Negative Affectivity and Psychological Well-being – Joseph Oliver, Paula Brough
Evolving Personnel Selection Practices in New Zealand Organisations and Recruitment Firms – Paul Taylor, Yvonne Keelty, BridgetMcDonnell
Effects of Iron Treatment on Cognitive Performance and Working Memory in Non-anaemic, Iron-deficient Girls – Anthony Lambert, Karrin Knaggs, Robert Scragg, Patricia Metcalf, David Schaaf
Women, Work & Well-Being: The Influence of Work-Family and Family-Work Conflict – Paula Brough, Anouk Kelling
Psychometric Properties of Three Scales of Depression and Well-being in a Mature New Zealand Sample – Joanne Browne, Paul Jose, Sik Hung Ng, Jiansheng Guo
Book Review
Sex Differences in Antisocial Behaviour: Conduct Disorder, Delinquency, and Violence in the Dunedin Longitudinal Study (T Moffit, A Caspi, M Rutter, P Silva) – Ian Lambie

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 30, 2001

Contents: Volume 30, No.2, December 2001

Environmental Influences on Craving and the Physiological and Cognitive Effects of Cigarette Smoking – Stuart G. Ferguson, Odette T. Miller
Sex Differences, Test Experience and the Self-Estimation of Multiple Intelligences – Adrian Furnham, Colleen Ward
Psychological Abuse in Intimate Relationships: A New Zealand Perspective – Randye J. Semple
Is the Path to Burnout and Turnover Paved by a Lack of Supervisory Support? A structural equations test – Thomas J. Kalliath, Alexandra Beck
Accent, Appearance, and Ethnic Stereotypes in New Zealand – Kelly Homes, Tamar Murachver, Donn Bayard
Book Review
Children in Changing Families: Life After Parental Separation (J. Pryor, B. Rodgers)– Jane Ritchie

Contents: Volume 30, No.1, June 2001

Relationships Between Supervisor Behavior, Family Support and Perceived Time Management Ability – Christopher D.B. Burt, Darryl K. Forsyth
Astronaut Families: A review of their characteristics, impact on families and implications for practice in New Zealand – Alice M.M.M.T. Aye, Bernard Guerin
Effects of Bilateral Colour Cues on Visual Orienting: Revisiting William James’ ‘Derived Attention’ – Anthony Lambert, Matthew Roser
What Children Think Separating Parents Should Know – Anne B. Smith, Megan M. Gollop
Fatigue, Work-Rest Cycles, and Psychomotor Performance of New Zealand Truck Drivers – Samule G. Charlton, Peter H. Baas
Book Reviews
Political Psychology: Cultural and Crosscultural Foundations (S.Renshon, J. Duckitt) and Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous People (L.T. Smith)– Cristina Parra

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 29, 2000

Contents: Volume 29, No.2, December 2000

Burnout among New Zealand Primary School Teachers – Anna Whitehead, Ken Ryba, Michael O’Driscoll
Characteristics of Criminal Defendants Referred for Psychiatric Evaluation – Maureen T. Barnes, Stephen M. Hudson, Joan M. Roberts
Domestic Violence, Psychological Distress, and Physical Illness among New Zealand Women: Results from a Community-Based Study – Nikolaos Kazantzis, Ross A. Flett, Nigel R. Long, Carol MacDonald, Michelle Millar
Contribution of Retirement-related Variables to Well-being in an Older Male Sample – Fiona Alpass, Stephen Neville, Ross Flett
Criterion-Related Validity of a Measure of Person-Job and Person-Organisation Fit – Andrew J. Hambleton, Thomas Kalliath, Paul Taylor
Volcanic Hazards:Risk Perception and Preparedness – Douglas Patton, Leigh Smith, David M. Johnston
Book Reviews
A Gift of Stories (Julie Leibrich) by Raymond Nairn and Handbook of Applied Cognition (Francis T. Durso) – Barry Hughes

Contents: Volume 29, No.1, June 2000

Personality Testing and Police Selection: Utility of the ‘Big Five’ – Jonathan Black
Adolescent Gambling and Problem Gambling: A New Zealand Study – Dave Clarke, Fiona Rossen
Optimism Bias and Student Debt – Hamish G.W. Seaward, Simon Kemp
Employment and Mental Health of Three Groups of Immigrants to New Zealand – Regina Pernice, Andrew Trlin, Anne Henderson, Nicola North
Economic Rationalism in Action – Keith Tuffin, Mandy Morgan, Karen Frewin, Andrew Jardine
Cannabis on the Brain: Is it Neurotoxic or Neuroprotective? – Paul F. Smith
Mentoring Children and Youth: Principles, Issues, and Policy Implications for Community Programmes in New Zealand – Ian M. Evans, Karen T. Ave

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 28, 1999

Contents: Volume 28, No.2, December 1999

Stopping Violence Programmes: Enhancing the safety of battered women or producing better-educated batterers? – Neville Robertson
Fixed-Ratio Schedule Performance of Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) – Dianne Hudson, T.Mary Foster, William Temple
The Adolescent Telephone Years – Kathryn L. Wild, Arnold S. Chamove
Student Debt, Attitudes Towards Debt, Impulsive Buying, and Financial Management – Lyn Boddington, Simon Kemp
Age Differences and Neurcognitive Performance in HIV-Infected Adults – David J. Hardy, Charles H. Hinkin, Paul Satz, Philip K. Stenquist, Wilfred G. van Gorp, Lawrence H. Moore
Kaumatautanga – Reciprocity: Maori Elderly and Whanau – M H Durie
Developments in Clinical Interventions for Older Adults: A Review – Nancy A. Pachana
Everyday Memory in an Elderly New Zealand Population: Performance on the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test – Sean Fraser, John N. Glass, Janet M. Leathem
Normative Data for New Zealand Elders on the Controlled Oral Word Association Test, Graded Naming Test, and the Recognition Memory Test – J. Anne Harvey, Richard J. Siegert
Health & Demographic Determinants of Satisfaction with Pharmacy Services in Older Adults – Charlotte A.M. Paddison, Nancy A. Pachana
Book Review
New Perspectives on Adolescent Risk Behaviour (Richard Jessor) – Niki Harré

Contents: Volume 28, No.1, June 1999

Androgens, Ageing, Behaviour and Cognition:Complex interactions and novel areas of inquiry – Monique M. Cherrier
Dizziness in the Elderly and Age-related Degeneration of the Vestibular System – Anna J. Matheson, Cynthia L. Darlington, Paul F. Smith
Incidence of Dizziness in the Elderly: Correlation with ocular motor, optokinetic and postural function – Anna J. Matheson, Cynthia L. Darlington, Paul F. Smith
The Effect of Age on Metamemory for Working Memory – Julie K. Bunnell, Donald M. Baken, Llewellyn A. Richards-Ward
Age-Related Changes in Sensitivity to Relative Reward Frequency – Gail Tripp, Brent Alsop
Age as Factor in Judgments of Wisdom and Creativity – Alison J. Knight, Wendy V. Parr
Cognitive aspects of ageing as portrayed in introductory psychology texts– Helen Pennington
Ageing and driver behaviour at rural T-intersections – Barry S. Parsonson, Robert B. Isler, Glenn J. Hansson
Similarities of Neuropsychological Presentation in Two Cases of Capras Syndrome with Comorbid Depression – Nancy A. Pachana, Evan Drake, Wilfred G. van Gorp, Donna Sorensen
Clustering and Switching in Verbal Fluency in Parkinson’s Disease – Kelly Donovan, Richard Siegert, John McDowall, David Abernethy

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 27, 1998

Contents: Volume 27, No.2, December 1998

Dynamic Assessment and Programme Planning For Students With Intellectual Disabillities – Ken Ryba
Supervising Support Staff in Naturalistic Behavioural Intervention: process and outcome – Ian M. Evans, Jennifer S. Berryman
Ageing and Lifelong Intellectual Disabillity: Implications for Policy – Dr Jennifer Hand, Pat Reid
A Consideration of “Community Response Programmes” for Disabilities or Other Issues of Common Concern – Peter W. Dowrick
Memory Span as Predictor of False Belief Understanding – Thomas Keenan
Book Reviews
Critical Psychology – An Introduction (D Fox and I Prilleltensky) – Keith Tuffin and Bodily Boundaries
Sexualised Genders and Medical Discourses (Marion de Ras and Grace Victoria) – Sara MacBride-Stewart

Contents: Volume 27, No.1, June 1998

Applicability of Australian Adaptions of Intelligence Tests in New Zealand with a Dunedin Sample of Children – Christina M. Rodriguez, Lee A. Teacy, Paula J. Sowerby, Laura E. Murphy
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Shift Work Preparation Strategies – Neville J. Henderson, Christopher D.B. Burt
Social Identity in Young New Zealand Children – Judith Bruce, Heather Curtis, Lucy Johnston
Depression, Anxiety, and Attributional Style in a New Zealand Sample of Children – Christina M. Rodriguez, Phillipa Pehi
Book Review
Stress: Conceptual and Biological Aspects (F Toates)– Neil McNaughton

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 25, 1996

Contents: Volume 25, No.2, December 1996

New Zealand Norms for Visual Sequential Memory Subtest of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities – Revised – Sandra Heriot, Ivan Beale
Why are inverted faces hard to recognise? A test of the relational feature hypothesis – Lindon Pullan, Gillian Rhodes
Inter-hemispheric Interaction in the Split Brain: Inhibitory and Faciliatory Priming – Anthony J. Lambert
Circularvection: Visually-induced illusion of self-rotation – Cynthia L Darlington, Paul F. Smith
Oscillopsia and dizziness resulting from Gentamicin antibiotic treatment: a clinical note on the beneficial effects of vestibular rehabilitation therapy – Cynthia L Darlington, Paul F. Smith
Political discourses in New Zealand: Constructions of political parties – Angelique C Praat, Keith Tuffin, Antonia C. Lyons, Mandy Morgan, Lesley G. Frederikson
Children’s Eyewitness Memory – Margaret-Ellen Pipe
Book Reviews
Patterns of Literacy: Processes of Development and transition (S McNaughton) – Elaine Reese
An Introduction to Social Constructionism (V Burr) by Keith Tuffin; Australia’s Adolescents: A Health Psychology Perspective (D Kenny & S Job) – Niki Harré
Perception and Representation: Current Issues (L Roth & V Bruce) – Gillian Rhodes

Contents: Volume 25, No.1, June 1996

Implicit Learning in Closed Head Injured subjects: Evidence from an event sequence learning task – John McDowall, Sue Martin
The prevalence of disordered eating behaviours and attitudes in adolescent girls – Jennifer L Fear, Cynthia M Bulik, Patrick F Sullivan
Epistemological realism in psychology: Kant or won’t? – Paul F Smith, Cynthia L Darlington
Investor psychology in New Zealand – Simon Swallow, Mark Fox
New Zealand Norms for a Subset of Battig and Montague’s (1969) Categories – Caroline E. Marshall, Wendy V Parr
Anger recognition is independent of spatial attention – Murray White
Drugs Which Induce Anxiety: Caffeine – R N Hughes
Drugs in the Treatment of Anxiety – Trevor Silverstone
‘What is Anxiety and how should we treat it?’ – Neil McNaughton
Book reviews
Practical Guide to Using Video in the Behavioral Sciences (P W Dowrick) – Phil Carter
Language and Understanding: Current Issues (J Greene & Mark Coulson) – Jan McAllister

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Volume 24, 1995

Contents: Volume 24, No.2, December 1995

Theories of Anxiety – K T Strongman
Brain Mechanisms of Anxiety – N McNaughton
Anxiety Disorders: An Epidemilogical Perspective – Mark A Oakley Browne
Anxiety in Children: Testing the Role of Cognition – Jackie Lodge, Gail Tripp
Risk Perception and Anxiety – Gail Tripp, Shirley Tan, Janet Milne
Anxiety and Learning: A dissociation between explicit and implicit processes – John McDowall, Chris Allison
Anxiety Disorders and Eating Disorders: A review of their relationship – Cynthia M Bulik
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its effects in Vietnam veterans: The New Zealand Experience – Carol MacDonald, Kerry Chamberlain, Nigel Long

Contents: Volume 24, No.1, June 1995

Cannabis and the Brain. Recent Developments – Paul F Smith
The Structure of Romance. A Factor-Analytic Examination of the Relationship Scales Questionnaire – Richard J Siegert, Tony Ward, Steve Hudson
Human Use of Metric Measures of Length – James R E Dignan, Robert P O’Shea
Explaining Some Characteristics of Battered Women. A Cognitive Deconstructionist Approach – Tony Ward, Leonie Wilson, Devon Polaschek, Stephen M Hudson
Book reviews
Eating Disorders: Detection and Treatment (Cynthia Bulik) – Nicola Gavey
Applying Psychology: Lessons from Asia-Oceania (Graham Davidson) – Graham Vaughan
Understanding Soccer Hooliganism (John H Kerr) – Graham Vaughan
Social Psychology of Groups: A Reader (Edward Lawler & Barry Markovsky) – Graham Vaughan
Analyzing tabular data: Loglinear and logistic models for social researchers (Nigel Gilbert) – John Gribben