Early Career Psychologists

As the largest professional association for psychologists in Aotearoa New Zealand our focus is on supporting our members and postgraduate student subscibers. Membership of the NZPsS is open to all psychologists and psychologically trained professionals across the breadth of psychology. Postgraduate psychology students can become subscribers of the NZPsS. Our diversity is our strength providing us with opportunities to influence the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. We invite you to join the vibrant NZPsS community of over 2500
members and subscribers and discover the benefits of belonging.

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Career opportunities

There are various career opportunities open to those with post-graduate psychology qualifications in New Zealand. These opportunities are in the public sector, health services, universities and other educational institutions and a large number of psychologists are in private practice. Psychologists are also employed in a wide range of workplaces, and many practise privately as independent contractors and consultants.

For comprehensive information about psychology careers see the https://www.careers.govt.nz/jobs-database/health-and-community/community-services/psychologist/

Specialisations in Psychology

Watch videos of NZPsS early career psychologists


Michele Blick talks about the transition from being student to practitioner and her time as a student rep on the Executive

Mathew Kalloor discusses his early career and what helped him the most

Dr Jade La Grice discusses her early career and what helped her the most

Meredith Blampied talks about the future of psychology and what her aspirations are