How to become a Member

The NZPsS welcomes New Zealand-based new members and student subscribers.
(Students please go to this page to find information and your online application form)

If you are thinking of becoming a member view the wide range of benefits and services you can access. 

To access the application form you will need to create an account first - this only requires your name and email address. Creating an account enables you to save the application form and return to it later. 

If you have previously registered for events, or purchased books from us, you may already be in the system, and will be prompted to use the "I lost my password" option to create a new password


Please click here for the nominators’ Word document that you can forward by email to your two nominators who will then complete and send it to National Office.

When applying for membership the following options are available to you:

Other membership categories available to Full Members are:

For further information or assistance contact the membership administrator on membership(at)

Honorary Fellowship is open to persons of distinction outside of the Society – see Rules 9.1 for more information.

Full Membership

To qualify for election as a full member an applicant must have satisfied the Executive that they possess one of the following qualifications:

  • a Doctorate in the field of psychology; or
  • an Honours or Masters degree in the field of psychology, or
  • an Honours, Masters, or other approved postgraduate qualification in which at least two courses (equivalent in total credit weight to one half of a full academic year of study) on psychological topics have been passed at postgraduate level, and that either
     - a thesis on a psychological topic has been accepted, or
     - at least one year of relevant supervised experience or training acceptable to the Executive has been completed or
  • equivalent qualifications, skills or knowledge in psychology as may be approved by the Executive after consultation with the Membership and Status Committee.

Overseas Qualifications
Qualifications gained at overseas institutions will be accepted if they are deemed by the Executive Director in consultation with the Membership and Status Committee as equivalent to the Society’s published membership criteria.  Any person holding overseas qualifications recognised as sufficient for registration as a psychologist by the New Zealand Psychologists Board will be deemed to have qualifications meeting the requirements of this Rule 5.2 (PDF).

If overseas applicants are not eligible for registration with the New Zealand Psychologists Board,  they will need to demonstrate to the New Zealand Psychological Society that their qualifications are equivalent to those in New Zealand by providing a New Zealand equivalence certificate through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Membership fees: The annual subscription runs from 1 June to 31 May and  the cost is currently $458.00 (non refundable).

Process for Seeking Full Membership
An applicant for election to full membership shall be proposed by at least two members. These members must have personal knowledge of the applicant, sufficient to have satisfied themselves as to the authenticity of the applicant's qualifications and that the applicant is in good standing as a psychologist.
If you apply online click here for the nominators’ Word document that you can forward by email to your two nominators who will then complete and send it to National Office.
Click here for additional information on the application process.

To qualify for election as a full member an applicant must also have satisfied the Executive that they are of good character and have not been and are not currently subject to disciplinary action by any professional or disciplinary body.

Click on Rules (PDF) for further information about the process of applying for membership.