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O Le Toe Ulutaia
A Bibliography of Pasifika and Psychology Research
Jessee Fia’Ali’i, Sam Manuela, Jade Le Grice, Shiloh Groot, Julia Hyde

Māori and Pacific Psychology Research Group- Auckland University

Te Kaveinga –  Mental health and wellbeing of Pacific peoples
Results from the New Zealand Mental Health Monitor  & Lifestyles Survey

Pasifika cultural competence

Cultural competence for Pacific People- Pacific perspectives Dr Debbie Ryan
Pacific Cultural Competencies (

Improving health outcomes for  Pacific Peoples
Improving health outcomes for Pacific peoples | Health Research Council of New Zealand (

Engaging Pasifika -cultural competence training programme

Talking therapies for Pasifika peoples
Talking Therapies For Pasifika Peoples - Le Va

Tapasā – Cultural Competencies Framework for Teachers of Pacific Learners

Pasifika Psychologist workforce issues

 Strategies for Increasing Pasifika Psychologists in the Workforce

Improving Recruitment and Retention for the Pacific Mental Health (