Advertise with us

The Society has over 2300 members and subscribers. We offer a number of opportunities to advertise in our publications and accept advertisements relevant to psychologists and psychology.

Advertisements need to be in black and white for Psychology Aotearoa, and can be in colour for Connections and web advertisements, and provided to us in a word or PDF format.

How to determine which advertising medium will suit:

1)  Select the publication which suits your time and audience requirements.

Connections is published monthly for members online via an email template. The advertisement needs to be received by the 10th of the month in which you wish the advertisement to appear.

Psychology Aotearoa is published for members bi-annually in May and November. These dates may vary from time to time. Please contact the office to check the due date for advertising.

Advertising of job vacancies or professional development opportunities on the internationally accessible website can be submitted at any time. We will endeavour to have advertisements live within 24 hours.

2)  Select which size and rate suits your budget.

Click here to see the Advertising rates schedule. Please note that there are no size limitations for advertising on our website.

3)  Contact us with your requirements.

For all advertising inquiries please contact office(at)