NZPsS Submissions

Submissions 2022

Submission on Transforming our Mental Health Law - the review of the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment & Treatment) Act, March 2022

Submissions 2021

Submission on the Emissions Reduction Plan
Prepared by members of the NZPsS Climate Psychology Task Force. November 2021.

Submission to the Parliamentary Justice Select Committee - on the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill, September 2021

Submission To the Climate Change Commission - prepared by members of the NZPsS Climate Psychology Task Force, March 2021

Submissions 2019

Submission To the Parliamentary Environment Select Committee – on the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill, July 2019

Submission to the Ministry of Health for the Health and Disability System Review, 31 May 2019

NZPsS Institute of Educational and Developmental Psychology submission for the Review of Tomorrow’s Schools

The NZPsS has endorsed Renuka Wali’s submission to the Independent Panel examining the 2014 Family Justice Reforms

Submissions 2018

Submission to the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry (4 June 2018)

Submission to the Social Services and Community Committee on the Child Poverty Reduction Bill (4 April 2018)

Submission to the Health Select Committee on the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Amendment Bill (29 March 2018)

Consultation on an update for the New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline on sexuality education. (March 2018)

Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Health (January 2018)

Submissions in 2017

Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Education 2017 (December 2017)

Submission on the Ministry of Health’s “Strategy to prevent suicide in New Zealand” (26 June 2017)

Submission on the Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill (22 May 2017)

Submission on Investing in New Zealand’s Future Health Workforce Post-entry training of New Zealand’s future health workforce: Proposed investment approach (19 May 2017)

Submission to the Social Services Select Committee Inquiry into the Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill (3 March 2017)

Letter to the Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Privacy Commission regarding the Sharing of Client Information (28 February 2017)



Submission on the form of regulation of Psychotherapy under the HPCA Act 2003.  To the Ministry of Health on the behalf of the Society.

Submissions in 2015

Submission to the Parliamentary Education and Science Committee for The Inquiry Into the Identification and Support for Students with the Significant Challenges of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Primary and Secondary Schools (September 2015)
Submission on the Review of Family Violence Law (September 2015)
Submission to the Ministry of Education for the Special Educational Needs Review (June 2015)
Comment on the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists- Draft Clinical Practice Guideline for Mood Disorders
Comment on the Supplementary paper-New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline.  (March)
Comment on the National Ethics Advisory Committee discussion document on cross-sectoral ethics arrangements for health and disability research. (March)
Comment on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) Fifth Periodic Report by the New Zealand Government. (March)
Comment on the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists  updated Clinical Practice Guideline for Deliberate Self-harm. (March)
Comment on the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Draft Clinical Practice Guideline for Schizophrenia and Related Disorders. (February)

Submissions in 2007

Submission on the review of the operation of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (HPCAA) 2003 (December 2007) to the Ministry of Health by the Executive Committee of the New Zealand Psychology on behalf of the Society.
Submission on continuing competence for psychologists (October 2007) in response to the Psychologists Board’s proposal (For more information on the HPCA Act see the Ministry of Health website).
Submission on Psychologists’ access to ethics committees for reviews of proposed research (2007) to the Health Minister, the Honourable Pete Hodgson on behalf of the Society.


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