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  • The venue will have a PC and data projector in each room. If you require any other equipment please specify.
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  • e.g. Lecturer in Psychology; PhD student in Education; Private Practitioner; HR Consultant; Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist; etc.
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    If your proposed format cannot be accommodated within the programme,we will contact you to discuss an alternative format.

    Oral presentations are normally 20 minutes in length (15 mins presentation, 5 mins for questions). Psychology Snippets (for NZPsS students only) are 10 mins with a maximum of 20 slides. PeArLS are 20 minutes in length (10 mins to define the topic in context and 10 mins for discussion with participants). Mini-workshops are 1-2 hrs in length - please indicate length in the abstract.
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    Indicate the area(s) of psychology to which this abstract is most related.
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    As a general guideline:
    • abstracts for Research papers must include background, aims, methods, results, and conclusions;
    • abstracts for Theoretical Issues/Professional topics must include background, aims, main contributions, and conclusions;
    • abstracts for PeArLS and mini-workshops must include an outline of the topic, sufficient detail to inform and encourage participation, and questions for discussion.
    • identify the type of data your presentation will be based on - theory/literature review only, research project and/or clinical case presentation
    • identify the population that the study pertains to - is it about adults, children, particular groups such as young people or elderly?
    • identify who do you think your talk presentation will appeal to
  • Please ensure sufficient detail for the Academic Review Committee to understand the substance and nature of your submission.