PD & Events

The NZPsS offers a professional development programme to assist members to develop their professional skills and knowledge and to fulfill their responsibilities under the Code of Ethics.

Professional development workshops are offered throughout the year and in association with the annual conference.

Professional development events are organised by the NZPsS National Office and in conjunction with Branches and Institutes which also offer professional development opportunities from time to time. if you would like to offer a workshop, please complete the workshop proposal.

To learn more about the professional development programme for this year visit NZPsS professional development events.

Click on external professional development events for information on professional development opportunities being offered by other agencies.

Annual Conference

The NZPsS offers an annual conference showcasing a stimulating range of international and local keynote and invited speakers and providing opportunities for psychologists to present papers and network with peers.

Click on NZPsS Conference for information about our annual conference this year.

Continuing Competence

The New Zealand Psychologists Board has introduced a continuing competence programme which requires registered psychologists to declare compliance with the programme when applying for renewal of their Annual Practising Certificate. The continuing competence programme is based on a high trust model ensuring currency with the core competencies for psychologists and the Code of Ethics. It requires a number of actions; a self-reflective review (with the assistance of a supervisor or respected colleague), the development of learning objectives and a learning plan, the recording of continuing competence activities and critical reflection on the outcomes of professional development.

The Board has developed a template to assist with the continuing competence programme. Download the template here (PDF).   More information about the programme can be found on the Psychologists Board website.

Professional Supervision Template

The Society has developed an example of  an agreement for professional supervision (PDF). This is a suggestion only and can be altered to suit the needs of individual practitioners.