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Contents: Vol 11, No 2, 1982

Psychopathology in Animals – J D Keehn
TransTasman Transsexualism – A J W Taylor
Illusory Correlation in Popular Beliefs about the Causes of Happiness – Richard Kammann, Kathleen Campbell
A Bayesian Approach to Weighting Progressive Achievement Test Scores – David C Hughes, Brian Keeling
Differences between Male and Female Psychologists within the Public Service in New Zealand – F A Walker, D W McKerracher
Book Reviews: Human Visual Orientation (Ian Howard) by John Perrone; Deviant Behaviour: New Zealand Studies (W A B Black & A J W Taylor) by R G Knight; Readings about the Social Animal (Elliott Aronson) by P N Hamid; Piaget’s Theory: A Primer (John L Phillips) by P S Freyberg; Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology (Richard Riding, Kevin Wheldall) by David Hughes

Contents: Vol 11, No 1, 1982

Circadian Rhythms: Implications for Psychology – Frank W Finger
Descriptive Characteristics of Applied Psychologists in the New Zealand Public Service: A Preliminary Report – F A Walker, D W McKerracher, K M Edwards
Professional Activities of NZ Psychologists Employed in Public Service: Actual, Ideal and Expected – D W McKerracher, F A Walker
New Zealand Student Norms for the Rathus Assertiveness Schedule – Iain A McCormick
Book Reviews: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology.Volume 3 (B B Lahey and A E Kazdin) by Karyn France; Psychology in Legal Contexts: Applications and Limitations (Sally Lloyd-Bostock) by M D Malloy; A Time to Talk: Counsellor and Counselled (Felix Donnelly) by John Small; The Lineaments of Mind in Historical Perspective (John Cohen) by Hugh Priest; The Standing of Psychoanalysis (B A Farrell) by Ralf Unger

Contents: Vol 10, No 2, 1981

Towards the Measurement of Postural Congruence in Social Interaction – Gabrielle M Maxwell, Judith Pringle
Methodological Developments in the Social Sciences: Some Implications for Interdisciplinary Study – Peter Blunt
The Study of Life Events Stress – Jeanette Isherwood
A Behaviouristic Basis for an Ethic – Carl L Roberts
Book Reviews: The Social Psychology of Power (S H Ng) by Barrie Stacey; Family Mental Health Theory and Practice (Rae Sedgwick) by Lynne Haye; Introduction to designing and conducting research (Clifford J Drew) by Simon Kemp; Human Memory: Contemporary Readings (John G Seamon) by WE Hockley; A Chronical of Psychotherapeutic Abuse (Therese Spitzer) by John Dobson; Self-consciousness and social anxiety (A H Buss) by K T Strongman

Contents: Vol 10, No 1, 1981

Toward a Unification of Psychophysical and Behavioural Research – Dianne McCarthy
Attitudes and Self-reported Alcohol Consumption in New Zealand, 1978-1979 – Robert A M Gregson, Barrie G Stacey
Expectations and Predictors of the Division of Labour within Marriage – Max W Abbott, Peggy G Koopman-Boyden
Alcohol Counselling-A New Course for Professional Psychologists -W A M Black, M T Shaw
Book Reviews: Social Episodes: the study of Interaction Routines (Jospeh P Forgas) by Graham M Vaughan; Models of Man (Antony J Chapman, Dylan M Jones by R J Irwin; The Social Animal (Elliot Aronson) by J E Ritchie; Systematic Analyses of Learning and Motivation (F A Logan, D P Ferrano) by R C Kirk; Problems in Pain: Proceedings of the first Australia New Zealand Conference of Pain (C Peck, M Wallace) by Lynne Whitney; Counselling – A Skills-Approach (E A Munro, R J Manthei, J J Small) by Lynne Haye

Contents: Vol 9, No 2, 1980

Employment and Continuing Professional Education of New Zealand Psychologists – M J Dobson, R C Kirk
Increasing Happiness Through Cognitive Retraining – Shelley Lichter, Karen Haye, Richard Kammann
Treatment of Self-Injurious Behaviour: A Three Year Follow-up – N N Singh, P R Gregory, Ruth M Pulman
Eating Style and Body Weight – K T Strongman, R N Hughes
Social Skills, Training and Natural Contingencies – Ian McCormick
Citation Statistics for Psychologists in New Zealand Universities: 1975-1977 – Ray Over
Age and the Visual Sequential Memory Subtest of the ITPA – Dorothy Gronwall
Book Reviews: Clinical Neuropsychology (Kenneth Heilman, Edward Valenstein) by Michael C Corballis; Child Behaviour Therapy (David Marholin) by Nirbhay N Singh; Psychology of the Psychic (David Marks, Richard Kamman) by Barry Kirkwood; The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception (James Gibson) by Geoff White

Contents: Vol 9, No 1, 1980

Do as I Say, Not as I Do – Kenneth E Lloyd
Rats’ Reactions to a Predator: Modification by Chlordiazepoxide – Dianne B Cameron, Neville Blampied
Effects of Experimenter and Test Location Novelty on Nonspecific Activity in Rats and its Modifcation by Methamphetamine -Robert N Hughes, Ijan J Beveridge
The Study of Empathy – A R Hornblow
Components of Some New Zealand Attitudes to Alcohol and Drinking in 1978-79: A Preliminary Report – R A M Gregson, B G Stacey
A Note on the Incidence of Colourblindness in Cook Island Males – C J Fisher, M B Simmonds
The Development of a Social Skills Unit  – Gabrielle M Maxwell, Judith Pringle
Book Reviews: Mindsplit: The Psychology of Multiple Personality and the Dissociated Self (Peter McKellar) by Ian M L Hunter; Chronometric Explorations of the Mind (Michael I Posner) by Julie McKenzie; Eye Movements and the Higher Psychological Functions (John W Senders, Dennis F Fisher, Richard A Monty) by J A Perrons; Memory Development in Children (Peter A Ornstein) by J C McDowall; Language and Cognition in Schizophrenia (S Schwartz) by R G Knight; Psychology: From Research to Practice (H L Pick) and Advances in Urban Psychology (A Baum) by K T Strongman; History of Behaviour Modification: Contemporary Research (Alan F Kazdin) by Neville M Blampied; Sigmund Freud, his Life in Pictures and Words (Ernest Freud, Lucie Freud, Ilse Grubich-Simitis) by R A M Gregson; Principles and Practice of Child Psychiatry (Stella Chess, Mahin Hassibi) by John S Williams; Psychopathological Disorders of Childhood (Herbert C Quay, John S Werry) by John S Williams

Contents: Vol 8, No 2, 1979

On the Social Construction of the Intellect – William Doise, Diane Mackie, Graham Vaughan
Bem Sex-Role Inventory Performance in Students: Comparisons between New Zealand, Australian and American Samples – Robert N Hughes
Scholarly Impact of New Zealand Psychology (1970-1977) – Murray J White
Underrepresentation of Women in New Zealand Departments of Psychology – Ray Over
Book Reviews: Reminiscence, Motivation and Personality (H J Eysennck) by K T Strongman; The Discovery of the Unconscious: the History and Evolution of Dynamic Psychiatry (Henri F Ellenberger) by Peter McKellar; Human Emotions (Caroll E Izard) by K T Strongman; Behavioural Research: Theory, Procedure and Design (L S Meyers, N E Grossen) by R A M Gregson; A Primer on Sleep and Dreaming (Rosalind Dymond Cartwright) by Christopher M McGeorge; The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Amputee (Lawrence W Freidmann) by Tim Williams; The Melancholy Marriage (M K Hinchliffe, D Hooper, F J Roberts) by A J W Taylor

Contents: Vol 8, No 1, 1979

Properties of an Inventory to Measure Happiness (and Psychological Health) – Richard Kammann, David Christie, Robyn Irwin, Graeme Dixon
If You Want to Know how Happy I am You’ll Have to Ask Me – Richard Kammann, Robyn Irwin, Graeme Dixon
The Rules of Different Situations – M Argyle,J A Graham, A Campbell, P White
An Ergonomic Evaluation of a Sample of Near New Domestic Kitchens in Christchurch – Paul Russell, Robyn Norton
Technical Note: The Measurement of Electroencephalographic Functioning During Motor Activity – D A R Smith, R A M Gregson
Clinical Psychology and the People: Another Perspective – A J W Taylor
Clinical Psychology and the People: A Reply to Taylor – John Raeburn
Book Reviews: Chance to be Equal (Jane Ritchie) – by Barbara Calvert; Mathematical Tools for Multivariate Analysis (P E Green, J D Carroll) by Alan R Forbes; Cognitive-Behaviour Modification: an Integrative Approach (Donad Meichenbaum) by Peter W Dowrick; Handbook of Sex therapy (Joseph and Leslie LoPiccolo) by A J W Taylor; Neuropsychology (Henry Hecaen, Martin Albert) by I L Beale; Principles and Techniques of Mental Health Consultation (S C Plog, P I Ahmud) by V F W Soeterik; Psychology of Learning and Behaviour (B Schwartz) by Geoff White; Behaviour Analysis in New Zealand ( T Glynn, S McNaughton) by Geoff White; Abstracts of Papers Presented to the Annual Conference of the NZPsS, August 1978

Contents: Vol 7, No 2, 1978

Division of Labour in the New Zealand Nuclear Family – Garth J O Fletcher
Clinical Psychology vs. the People: A Community Psychology Perspective – John Raeburn
The Work Values of New Zealand Male Manual Workers: A Research Note – J H Kerr Inkson
SRA Verbal Test Scores from 1011 Women – Phil A Silva
Submission to the Select Committee on Violent Offending From: The New Zealand Psychological Society – David Thomas
Book Reviews: Psychology of Development and History (Klaus Reigel) by John A Codd; Vigilance: Theory, Operational Performance, and Physiological Correlates (R W Mackie) by Paul N Russell; Sex Roles: Biological, Psychological and Social Foundations (Shirley Weitz) by Aloma Colgan; The Hierarchical Nature of Personal Illness (G A Foulds) by Alan R Forbes; The Pakeha Papers (J Older) by John Raeburn

Contents: Vol 7, No 1, 1978

Scaling Conservatism – Bruce D Jamieson
Sir Cyril Burt and the Inheritance of the I.Q.– H J Eysenck
Job Reactions of New Zealand Manual Workers: A Theoretical Comment – Vivianne M J Robinson
New Zealand Workers’ Attitudes: Reply to Robinson – J H Kerr Inkson
Reactions to Job Characteristics: Reply to Robinson – Bruce D Jamieson
The Psychology of Conservatism: Comment on Stacey – Glenn Wilson
The Wilson-Patterson Conservatism Scale – Barrie Stacey
Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Women in Psychology in New Zealand – J Elisabeth Wells, Lyn Fry, Beryl Hesketh
Book Reviews: The Neuropsychology of Language (R W Rieber) by M B Simmonds; Psychopathology of Human Adaptation (G Serban) by R A M Gregson; Emerging Concepts of Alcohol Dependence (E M Pattison, M B Sobell, Linda C Sobell) by R A M Gregson; An Intellectual History of Psychology (Daniel N Robinson) by Peter McKellar; The Origins and Course of Psychopathology: Methods in Longitudinal Research (J S Strauss, H Babigan, M Roff) by M W Abbott; Single Case Experimental Designs: Strategies for Studying Behaviour Change (M Hersen, D H Barlow) by A R Forbes; Psychoticism as a Dimension of Personality (H J  and S B G Eysenck) by A R Forbes

Contents: Vol 6, No 2, 1977

Artifact in Social Psychological Research: The Subject’s View – Brian R Flay, Nicholas Hamid
Forensic Psychology: Principles, Practice and Training – A J W Taylor
The Psychology of Conservatism. Part II: Wilson’s Theory and General Trends in the Study of Conservatism – Barrie Stacey
Abortion in New Zealand Public Hospitals: A Twenty-Five Year Review – R A Brown, W A P Facer
Views of Dunedin Public on the Recommendations of the Royal Commission of Contraception, Sterilization and Abortion in New Zealand – Gabrielle M Maxwell, Sik Hung Ng
Attributions Induced by Four Feedback Conditions During Acquisition Trials on a Novel Motor Task – Lin McCaughan
Famulus: A Computerised Retrieval Package – John Kirkland
Book Reviews: The Psychology of Left and Right (M C Corballis, I L Beale) by M C Davison; Helping Troubled Children (Michael Rutter) by John Church; Inner Speech and Thought (A N Sokolov) by M B Simmonds; Exploring Sex Differences (Barbara Lloyd, John Archer) by Gabrielle Maxwell; Hypnosis: Trance as a Coping Machine (Fred H Frankel) By Arreed F Barabasz; Titles of Papers Presented at the Annual Conference of the New Zealand Psychological Society, Auckland, August, 1977

Contents: Vol 6, No 1, 1977

The Job Satisfaction of New Zealand Male Manual Workers – J H Kerr Inkson
Reactions to Job Characteristics Among Samoan, Maori and Pakeha Employees – Claire L Barnes, Bruce D Jamieson
Socio-economic Status in New Zealand: An Updated Empirical Index and its Relationship to other NZ Empirical and Statistical Indices – Robert A C Stewart, Edith I Gorringe
The Psychology of Conservatism, Part I: The Conceptual Framework and Theories of Eysenck and Ray – Barrie Stacey
Paradigm Lost or Paradigm Regained? Behaviour Therapy and Homosexuality – Michael W Ross
Behavioural Control of Self-Injury in the Mentally Retarded – Nirbhay N Singh
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews: Psychology and Theory (C J Adcock) by Peter McKellar and R A M Gregson; Exnuptial Children and Their Parents (Social Welfare Research Monograph) by Deryn Cooper; Psychology in New Zealand (Wayne Innes) by W A M Black; Behaviourism – a review of the first six issues by Neville Blampied; Social Exchange Theory (J K Chadwick-Jones) and Social Psychology and Intergroup Relations (M Billig) by George Shouksmith; Approaches to the Study of Social Structure (P M Blau) by B G Stacey; Towards the Validation of Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Replication (D H Malan) by A J W Taylor; A Primer of Multivariate Statistics (R J Harris) and Multivariate Statistical Methods (D F Morrison) by Alan R Forbes; Soviet Psychology: History, Theory, Content (J McLeish) by R A M Gregson

Contents: Vol 5, No 2, 1976

A Profile of the NZ Psychological Society: Education, Sex, First Employment – L S Leland, M E Trainor
Concussion: Does Intelligence Help? – D Gronwall
Gustatory Desensitising Effects of Pseudowintera Colorata – M B Simmonds
The 1976 Road Safety Research Seminar – Barry J Kirkwood
Submission to the Select Committee on the Cinematographic Films Bill and the Cinematographic Films Amendment Bill – NZ Psychological Society
Resolution Concerning Professional Ethics in Psychology – The International Union of Psychological Science
Book reviews: Retreat from Apartheid: New Zealand’s Sporting Contacts with South Africa (Richard Thompson) by Graham Vaughan; Adolescence in New Zealand: A Book of Readings (R A C Stewart) by Marie M Clay; Origins of Intelligence: Infancy and Early Childhood (Michael Lewis) by Pauline Nye; Intrinsic Motivation (Edward L Deci) by Dave Clarke; Experiencing the Environment (S Wapner, S B Cohen, B Kaplan) by K Geoffrey White
Abstract of Papers Presented at the Annual Conference of the New Zealand Psychological Society, Hamilton, August 1976

Contents: Vol 5, No 1, 1976

The Effects of Feedback and Motivation on Persistence, Performance and Satisfaction in an Introductory Psychology Course – David E Clarke
Q-therapy and Schizophrenic Gaze – J Desmond Rainey
Biofeedback and the Headache – Christopher M McGeorge
Some Correlates of Psychoticism Revised and Revisited – Alan R Forbes
Psychological Sequelae of Abortion – Adrien V Gordon
Submissions to the Royal Commission on Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion – The New Zealand Psychological Society
Book Reviews: The Illusion of Attitude Change: Toward a response Contagion theory of persuasion (J M Nuttin) by Nicky Hamid; Elements of a two-process theory of learning (J A Gray) by Neville M Blampied

Contents: Vol 4, No 2, 1975

The Assembly-Line and Alienation: A Participant-Observer Study in the Meat-Freezing Industry – Kerr Inkson, David Simpson
The Comprehensibility of a New Zealand University Calendar (with variation in length) – Richard Kamman, Robyn Irwin
Clinical Psychology, who is to Decide? – Olive Webb
Employment Opportunities for Psychologists in New Zealand
A Simple Device for Recording Several Channels of Binary Data on Paper Tape – B Dingwall, L Hatley, G Maxwell
Book Reviews: Motivational Control Systems Analysis (D J MacFarland) by R A M Gregson; Intellectual Functioning in the Aged (R D Savage, P G Britton, N Bolton, E H Hall) by R A M Gregson; Attributes of Memory (Peter Herriot) by Paul N Russell; Perception and Understanding in Young Children (Peter Bryant) by Ivan L Beale; The Competent Infant: Research and Commentary (L J Stone, L B Murphy) by J Dubignon; Psychometrics of Similarity (R A M Gregson) by Michael C Corballis); Polynesian and Pakeha in New Zealand Education (Douglas Bray, Clement Hill) by G Vaughan; Mental Handicap: A Brief Guide (Brian Kirman) by W A M Black

Contents: Vol 4, No 1, 1975

Procedural Issues in the Systematic Desensitization of an Air-Travel Phobia – Eugene A Levitt
Loosening the Marital Bonds of Clinical Psychology: Psychologists in the General Hospital – P W Bradshaw
The Research-Subject Panel at the University of Otago – L Hartley, P W Bradshaw, P Graham
Computer Programmes for Signal Detection Theory – L Hartley, P Graham
Relationship Between Sex Role and Sex Orientation in Homosexual Men – Michael W Ross
Early Memories and Sex Differences– Ngaire V Adcock
Book Reviews: The Psychological Effects of Concussion (D M A Gronwall, H Sampson) by L Hartley; Social Encounters (Michael Argyle) by Richard Forsyth; From Anecdote to Experiment in Psychical Research (Robert H Thouless) by D F Marks

Contents: Vol 3, No 2, 1974

Student Counselling and Crash Prevention – Jules Older
Behavioural Change and Personality Variables in Delinquency – John A Codd
Short Form of the WAIS A preliminary Sub-Test Selection – J N Castanos
Prior Training and Self Reinforcement in the Standard Two Classroom – H J Jackson, E L Glynn
Abstracting Ideas from Sentences – K Geoffrey White
A Note on the Gustatory Sensitivity of an Antarctic Wintering Party – M B Simmonds
Book Reviews: Mathematical Psychology (Donald Laming) by R A M Gregson; Psychology and Common Sense (R B Joynson) by John Adcock; Radical Psychology (P Brown) by A J W Taylor; Surface Colour Perception (Jacob Beck) by R J Irwin; The Psychology of Consciousness (R E Ornstein) by David F Marks

Contents: Vol 3, No 1, 1974

Testing the Test: How Adequate is the 16 PF with a NZ Student Sample? – Ngaire V Adcock
Should the 16 PF be used in Personnel Selection? – P E Bull
The Treatment of a Wind-Phobic Woman in Wellington – A J W Taylor
How good is the Wilson-Patterson Conservatism Scale? – John J Ray
Evaluation of the Conservatism Scale: A Reply to Ray – Glenn Wilson
Current Trends in Industrial and Organsiational Psychology – Bruce D Jamieson
Bayesian Sequential Analysis in Psychological Research – Uwe Mortensen
Book Reviews: The psychology ofAboriginal Australians (G E Kearney, P R de Lacey, GR Davidson) by R H T Thompson; The psychology of conservatism (Glenn D Wilson)by L B Brown; Time-series (M G Kendall) By R A M Gregson; Prospects for the reduction of road losses due to vehicle crash in New Zealand (David Klein) by L B Brown; Computer Program – P E Bull

Contents: Vol 2, No 2, 1973

Some Current Trends in Memory – J Elizabeth Wells
Dynamic Programming and Psychology – Graham M Taylor
Like Status Sells: A Field Test of Belief-Congruence – Paul N Hamid, Paula A Stringfield
‘Offensive’ Language Amongst “Right-Thinking” People – Roger Boshier, Russell Goodall
Behavioural Treatment of Parental Assault on a Child – Donald A Sandford, Richard D Tustin
A Scale for Measuring Adolescents’ Attitudes to School – K D Ballard
Book Reviews: Personality: Research and Theory (Nathan Brody) by Alan R Forbes; NZ Society, Contemporary Perspectives (S D Webb) by B D Jamieson; The Homosexual Dialectic (Joseph A McCaffrey) by W A M Black; The Psychology of Anomalous Experience: A Cognitive Approach (G Reed) by R A M Gregson; Organisation in Animal Communities (Hilary O Box) by P Nye

Contents: Vol 2, No 1, 1973 

Some Correlates of Psychoticism – Alan R Forbes
TV Viewing Habits of 3, 4 and 5 Year Old Children – W D Barney
Secondary Memory and the Acquisition of Reading in Young Children – G Brian Thompson
A Tale of Canterbury Clinicians – W A M Black
A Portable Observation Timer Emitting Differential Tones for Signalling Observation and Recording Intervals – E L Glynn, D L Tuck
Review of Peter Saville, The British Standardisation of the 16 PF – by C J Adcock
Book Reviews: Racism: The Australian Experience (F S Stevens) by R H T Thompson; Biofeedback and Self Control, 1971 (Stoyva, Barber, Dirara, Kamiya, Miller, Shapiro) by M B Simmonds; Marijuana and Personality Change (J R Lord) by Alan R Forbes; Sexist Society (S Kedgley, S Cederman) by A J W Taylor; Information Transmission (Elwyn Edwards) by R A M Gregson; Bayesian Statistics (D L Meyer) by R A M Gregson

Contents: Vol 1, No 2, 1972

Psychology in Contemporary Germany – Uwe Mortensen
Self-Concepts Associated with two Measures of Cognitive-Style – George Shouksmith
Some Status and Conformity Effects on Compliance – G M Maxwell
Survey of Canterbury Anglican Women’s Attitudes to Abortion – G E Scarr
A Technique for Training Students in an Educational Setting to Increase the Percentage of Alpha Waves – Pamela J Tarulevicz
International Congress Report – R A M Gregson
Book Reviews: Children’s Reading Interests (W B elley, C W Tolley) by P S Freyberg; Born Illegitimate; Social and Educational Implications (E Collins, M L Pringle, P West) by A J W Taylor; Mathematical models inpsychology, an introduction (F Restle) by R A M Gregson; Linear program length and pupil performance (NZCER) by R A M Gregson

Contents: Vol 1, No 1, 1972

Obituary Mario Fleischl
Values Reflected in Children’s Drawings – Mollie S Smart, Alta Gordon, Russell C Smart
Verbal and Token Reinforcement: Elements of Behaviour Control in a Problem Class – E L Glynn
Current Research on Choice Behaviour at the University of Auckland – M C Davison
The Legacy of Iwan Bloch (1872-1922) – Murray J White