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2019 Conference

A few presentations from the conference in Rotorua

If you would like to see the abstracts from all presentations please use the app Attendify (here is the webview):

Brown_Juliana, Inclusivity in Tertiary Institutions for Gender, Sex, and Sexuality diverse (GSSD) Staff and Students
Derek Patton QualityTalk_Preschools_2019
Emma Reynolds, Exploration of psychosocial and physical factors for transgender andnon-binary individuals seeking gender affirming health care
Frank O’Connor – Speak Up Please
Iain McCormick and Stewart Forsyth, Using Buddhist Psychology in Executive Coaching
James Athanasou, The Visual Analog Mood Scales a review
Jane Furness, Me mauri ora te titiro
John Eatwell, diversity and inclusion recruitment audit
John Eatwell, We’ve got diversity! Now how do we make it work
Julia Davis, A brief DBT-based intervention in a Crisis setting
Louise Jackson and Jayde Walker, Countering Violent Extremism August
Meng-Jie.Wang, What Emotions Spread on Social Media
April Jolieff Simpson, Perpetrators of family harm already serving correctional sentences


Opening Speaker: Kingi Biddle

Keynote speakers:

Christina Richards
Keynote address: Counselling Psychological Approaches to Gender and Sexuality
Workshop: Trans and non-binary Training Day
Susan Fiske
Keynote address: How Humans Evaluate Each Other—and How We Can Be Better, Together
Workshop: 1. Diversity Training: Examples and Context
2. Measuring Ambivalent Stereotype Content for Gender, Age, Sexuality, Class, Ethnicity, Indigenous People

Carla Houkamau
Keynote address: How great can we be? Understanding the relationship between Māori identity and perceptions of well-being
Linda Theron
Keynote address: Towards human flourishing-under-stress. What can psychologists learn from innovations in resilience theory and practice?
Workshop: Supporting clients to beat (or change) the odds
Michelle Johnson-Jennings
Keynote address: Transformation of Trauma through Love and land: Indigenous movements towards healing and thrivance
Workshop: Re-storying trauma towards love and healing: How to reclaim ancestral stories to promote health and wellbeing among Indigenous populations
Peter Kinderman
Keynote: Conceptual alternatives to psychiatric diagnosis and the ‘disease model’: The Power Threat Meaning Framework and other perspectives
WorkshopThe Power Threat Meaning Framework and alternatives to the biomedical disease model of mental health
Monique Faleafa
Keynote: Democratising psychology for Pasifika and beyond
Workshop: Engaging Pasifika: : cultural competency training for working with Pasifika people

Guest Speakers

Anjum Rahman: Introducing the Inclusive Aotearoa Collective Project

Prof James Ogloff: The Assessment of Risk for Stalking:From Risk Factors to Validated Assessment Procedures


2018 conference handbook
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