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Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group (CPSIG)

The Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group (CPSIG), a special interest group under the auspice of NZ Psychological Society, was established at the end of 2009.  CPSIG aims to further the awareness, discipline and profession of coaching psychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand and beyond. The primary purpose of the Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group is to contribute to the Continuing Competency Programme for psychologists who are interested in coaching through:

– Discussing and developing current practice
– Sharing information about professional development opportunities
– Providing psychologically focused training opportunities
– Promoting best coaching and coaching supervision practice
– Informing the profession and the public about what coaching psychology is
– Connecting with other professionals and coaching psychologists here and overseas

What is coaching psychology?
Coaching psychology “… draws on and develops established psychological approaches, and [is] the systematic application of behavioural science to the enhancement of life experience, work performance and well-being for individuals, groups and organisations who do not have clinically significant mental health issues or abnormal levels of distress.” (Interest Group in Coaching Psychology, Australian Psychological Society).
The unique perspective brought to coaching by psychology is the level to which it gives insight and understanding into the patterns of thinking and feeling that influence behaviour. Psychologists who coach focus on sustaining a collaborative approach with clients to engage their strengths in affecting measurable, enduring and positive change.
Psychologists who coach are also trained in applying established tools and techniques to identify and interrupt unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour to enhance individual strengths.
As well as coaching clients from a variety of backgrounds – from individuals wanting to review career or life choices, through supporting professionals working in stressful environments, to chief executives of international organizations – psychologists provide professional supervision to a wide range of coachees.

Coaching psychologists are accountable to the psychologists’ Code of Ethics and strive to maintain the highest standards of practice in their interactions with clients.  The group is also looking at other coaching psychology groups’ principles in relation to coaching.

What we offer our members?
Monthly newsletters plus

Online discussion group (CPnet) – CPSIG offers a Google Groups online discussion group for coaches and individuals interested in coaching psychology in New Zealand and around the world. To contribute to the discussion group, send emails to cpnet@googlegroups.com .  To join the virtual discussion group (CPnet), please contact  Jonathan Black,    email  Jonathan@farsightglobal.co.nz .

Professional support – the group offers an opportunity to develop relationships with other individuals interested in and practicing coaching, with a particular focus on coaching psychology.

Events – CPSIG is organising an increasing number of seminars throughout the country. Details of events are posted regularly on CPnet.

Various conferences are organised internationally with details posted on CPnet.

Membership criteria
Anyone can join the CPnet or come to our seminars. However, to be a CPSIG Member you also need to be a Member of the NZPsS.

Signing up for the NZPsS CPSIG
To become a member of CPSIG please complete the online CPSIG application form – the annual subscription is $20 or complete the CPSIG application Word doc  and email to the membership administrator membership@psychology.org.nz.
To join the online discussion group (CPnet), contact Jonathan Black,  email  Jonathan@farsightglobal.co.nz .

The Steering Group Committee
Co-chairs  – Jonathan Black and Barbara Kennedy
Treasurer – Charlotte Stephens
Committee Member & Events coordinator – Bridget Jelley
Committee Member – Deborah Prideaux


International Coaching Psychology
A website that shows the development of coaching psychology and with links to various coaching psychology societies and organisations, see