Professional Indemnity Insurance

Insurance Cover for Members of the New Zealand Psychological Society

In 2018 Aon began its partnership with The New Zealand Psychological Society and we have become the exclusive insurance broker to the Society’s member liability insurance facility.

Liability insurance is part of any good risk management practice. Should you find yourself at the wrong end of a complaint, investigation or enquiry; not only does it provide financial protection to pay damages awarded against you and the costs of defending yourself, it provides access to the right kind of legal advice from experienced practitioners and Aon’s own in-house claims team to guide and support you in what can be a stressful time.

Quick Questions and Answers

Why do I need professional indemnity insurance cover?
The reason you need insurance cover is that it not only provides financial assistance to pay damages awarded against you, but also provides for the costs of defending yourself against allegations, which may not be justified in relation to your professional role.

Who do I contact to if I have questions about the Aon insurance?
Elizabeth Ngan is the specialist Aon Professional Risks Insurance Broker. Please contact and she will be happy to help. Click to view Elizabeth Ngan’s Disclosure Statement – Financial Adviser.

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