Advocacy & Representation

As the largest organisation representing psychologists in New Zealand the NZPsS promotes and advocates on behalf of the profession, on a range of professional and social justice issues having contact with Government, non-Government agencies, task forces and advisory groups.

The Society is active in ensuring that the views of psychologists are represented on a range of important professional issues. As a member you will have the opportunity to contribute to the submissions that the Society makes on issues.

Click on NZPsS position statements to view the Society’s position on a range of professional and social justice issues.

Cultural Justice and Equity

The NZPsS has a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and the attainment of cultural justice and equity.  It has a National Standing Committee on Bicultural Issues (NSCBI) which advises the Executive on policy development and implementation.

NSCBI members regularly contribute to publications. Cultural justice is one of the principles which underpins the Code of Ethics (PDF) for psychologists.

The book”Professional Practice of Psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand” published by the NZPsS in 2016 contains a number of chapters which address cultural justice issues.

Bicultural psychology